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Keeping abreast with the current advances in dental technology, our clinic is equipped with the latest generations of materials and dental implants, with superior technology and tools that enable precise and functional work while meeting the highest esthetic criteria. All procedures are carried out in sterile conditions, in compliance with EU standards, by using modern sterilization methods and equipment. Moreover, we offer several options for anesthesia, primarily for more demanding procedures.

dotDent Dental Clinic enjoys the status of reference center for the state-of-the-art Japanese Morita technology. 

Uncompromising selection of cutting edge materials and equipment!

  • „Laughing gas“ anesthesia

    „Laughing gas“ anesthesia

    Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as „heavenly“ or „laughing“ gas, is the most ideal form of inhalation sedation. The Master Flux Plus machine from the renowned Italian producer Tecno-Gaz fully controls the application of oxygen and nitrous oxide inducing a feeling of comfort and relaxation in patients while reducing emotional stress. Anxiety and pain perception are reduced thus facilitating the dentist’s collaboration with the patient whose vital reflexes remain unchanged. This makes this type of sedation ideal for children (more on how does it work) and all those who are afraid of dentists and their drills. As well as for everybody else:)

    The patient receives the desired sweet-tasting colorless mixture of N2O and oxygen via a mask positioned over their nose. Response to “laughing gas” is very quick, inducing relaxation and reduced sensitivity to pain within 2 to 3 minutes, but the effect wears off equally quickly after the procedure. Sedation level is adjusted depending on the type of procedure and the patient’s wishes.

  • Morita Referentnce Center

    Morita Referentnce Center

    Specialized skills in production of sophisticated high-performance equipment acquired over a century have established this Japanese company as one of the leading global manufacturers of medical and technical equipment. All Morita products have been carefully designed to the minutest detail to suit the specific requirements of dentists and their patients. dotDent Clinic is almost exclusively equipped with unique Morita products and we are proud of our status of a Morita Reference Center.

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  • Straumann and Ankylos Implants

    Straumann and Ankylos Implants

    Straumann is a leading global company in the field of implantology. They produce superior dental implants and provide innovative surgical, restorative and regenerative solutions from bones to dental crowns.

    Every Straumann product is a result of decades of scientific research and is produced in compliance with the highest standards ensuring longevity and reliability. Numerous scientific studies and 4 million implants placed over the past 30 years are a proof of excellent esthetic and functional results of the Straumann implant system over a long time period.

  • CAD/CAM Technology

    CAD/CAM Technology

    CAD/CAM dental technology represents the modern way of processing prefabricated ceramic and zirconia blocks which are biocompatible, clinically tested and long-lasting as well as available in a broad range of colors providing the best esthetic results. At the same time, this system’s high precision enables the perfect fitting of prosthetic inlays, as well as tooth preparation, production and bonding of the ceramic crown all in a matter of hours – that is, a single appointment.

    In this way modern CAD/CAM technology significantly reduces treatment time while digital design provides the patient with exactly the smile they want!