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Morita is a renowned Japanese manufacturer and all its products have been carefully designed to the minutest detail to suit the specific requirements of dentists and their patients. Come and see for yourself in dotDent Clinic which is almost exclusively equipped with unique Morita products. These products make routine daily procedures even simpler and safer.

Superior technology for superior results

  • 3D Accuitomo 170

    3D Accuitomo 170

    Three-dimensional CT scanner operates by producing beams that form a cone (CBCT). It provides a great deal of imaging combinations characterized by unsurpassed clarity.

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  • Veraview iX

    Veraview iX

    Veraview iX is a light and flexible intra-oral X-ray machine that generates X-ray images of outstanding quality and enables immediate insight into all interventions.

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  • Spaceline EMCIA

    Spaceline EMCIA

    Spaceline EMCIA delivery system combines functionality for the dentist and comfort for the patient thus ensuring efficient and relaxed working environment. Features such as simple patient positioning and ergonomic design reduce both the patient’s and the doctor’s strain and fatigue to a minimum – even in prolonged treatments. 

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  • DentaPort ZX

    DentaPort ZX

    DentaPort ZX – for perfect endodontics. This unique module system that includes apex locator and handpieces for canal preparation with several automatic control functions will ensure a safe and comfortable endodontic treatment.

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  • EndoWave Hybrid Concept

    EndoWave Hybrid Concept

    In collaboration with international endodontic experts Morita has developed an innovative treatment concept in which only three nickel-titanium files are required for root canal preparation, thus reducing the time spent in the dentist’s chair.

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  • Handpieces and instruments

    Handpieces and instruments

    Masterly symbiosis of technology, functionality and design is the main feature of all Morita handpieces and instruments such as TwinPower turbine, PenCure 2000, TorqTech handpieces, air motor Air Torx, micro motor Torx SII-R...

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